Double Track By-pass Barn Door Hardware Kit for 2 Doors on 2 tracks

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Due to High Demand, This Kit Will Ship in Approximately 3 Business Days
Double Track Bypass Hardware Kit - shown with two British Brace style doors
  • Antique Style 9" Barn Door Pull
  • pipe-handle-barn-door-hardware
  • 12-inch-pipe-handle-barn-door-hardware
  • 18-inch-pipe-handle-barn-door-hardware
  • indoor barn door handle - 13" industrial door pull - raw steel finish
  • Industrial Door Pull  (NOTE: this photo shows an installed 13" pull)
  • Front View Twisted Forged Door Pull
  • Wood Grain Door Pull - Vertical
  • 6" black door pull
  • 6" Galvanized Door Pull

Our Double Track By-pass Sliding Barn Door Hardware system includes two hanger sets (four hangers total).
It is suitable for applications with two doors on two separate lengths of track. 

The Barn Door Hardware Store offers the lowest price on the internet! We also have the longest track length available anywhere.

The Double Track Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware set includes:

  • Four wheel assemblies on 1.5" steel straps - includes 5/16" x 1.5" lags to fasten to door
  • Two complete tracks -1.5" wide with 8 lags/extenders - (lags are 5/16" x 4.5" with 1 5/8" spacer tubes)
  • Custom by-pass brackets
  • Four safety anti-jump clips - stops any possible derailment
  • Two newly redesigned floor mounted door guides - designed to fit 1 3/8" door to 1 3/4" wide door - WILL NOT WORK WITH WIDER DOORS

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