​Three things that custom barn doors say about your space

​Three things that custom barn doors say about your space

Jul 7th 2017

I was sitting with an old friend having lunch when the subject of barn doors happened to come up. She was curious as to why I wanted to add them to my house after just recently adding them to my new office space.

“Sure, they have their own rustic appeal, but are they really practical? They look so clumsy. Why would you want them in your living space?”

It turns out barn doors are pretty functional, I explained, not just in office spaces but homes too.

I knew what she meant. I was unsure a first, but then I saw a beautiful set in a home of a co-worker and I was curious. I quickly learned that the barn door addition to my workspace inspired a new feel and I quickly adapted to a way of using my room in ways that just were not possible before. And… they were a great conversation starter in a place that desperately needed casual talk. Adding this style to my home changed not only the way I used my smaller spaces, but how I added a level of style that was missing.


So, what message does an interior barn door send?

Your space does not sacrifice style for comfort.

Barn doors are lighter than traditional doors, making them easier to open and slide. This feature becomes ideal in homes with small children and office with medical patients who might lack the strength or ability to open a traditional door.

Your space is provides an openness and gives you more room that envisioned.

Interior barn doors create space where traditionally there wasn’t any. While it may seem like a small amount at first, the enclosure allows a greater flow of activity and offers a practical solution for small spaces and larger openings. This is especially useful if you require a larger doorway for movement and activity.

Your space was created by you for you.

Because barn doors are easy to install and there are so many options for unique hardware, the barn door expressed exactly what you want it to be. My custom fittings allow me to try in other design styles to my doorway, pulling the entire look of the room together without sacrificing style, comfort, or loads of money.

Usually the doorway is the last place we look; it;s just an opening after all. With interior barn doors, it becomes an entrance way bringing all your stylistic elements together.

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