Metal Holiday Card Variety 6 Pack -The Original Holiday Metal Card©

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Each pack will include 6 cards (in four variations) of our metal Christmas cards in assorted colors.

A 6 count variety pack of our most popular Christmas cards. Your metal greeting cards will come in the assorted colors - each pack can differ in variety and colors. The metal greeting cards are on 4"x 6" and feature galvanized steel with rounded edges. 

At Vintage Metal Greeting Cards, buying the perfect greeting card online is easy. With our exclusive collection of 4"x 6" real metal greeting cards that offer our rustic modern look, choosing your favorite Christmas cards might be a challenge. 

How are the metal greeting cards made?

When your Christmas cards are ready to print, we hand paint your favorite messages with world-famous chalk paint! Making a chalk paint greeting card from metal provides the rustic-but-refined farmhouse look that you’ve loved for years and now you can mail to friends & family all over the world!  

But wait. How do I print my message on the card?

When your bulk order of metal greeting cards arrive in the mail you can use any sharpie or chalk paint pen to write your own message on the back! Give the most unique Christmas cards ever this year.    

Our metal greeting cards are the perfect way to commemorate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new babies, encouragement, sympathy, graduations, promotions, holidays, achievements, honors and awards! Finding the perfect Christmas Cards is no longer an endless search.


Our holiday cards are one-of-a-kind. Buy some of of the first-ever metal greeting cards before we sell out. 

How many stamps will these greeting cards need? 

Just two! Our metal greeting cards weigh 1.5 ounces and the US Mail requires you need 1 stamp per ounce for first class letters. 

Can I re-use the cards? 

Yes! Vintage Metal Greeting Cards also make beautiful decorations in rustic modern, vintage, and farmhouse style homes that can be on display for years to come. You can also re-purpose them for a number of other things - just get crafty!