Barn Doors for Sheds

Customize your shed with our selection of unfinished and finished pine barn doors. Choose from various styles and finishes, or create a unique look with your own stain or paint. Hardware sold separately for a truly personalized touch.

Questions About Our Barn Doors for Sheds

Have questions about our barn doors for sheds? Find answers to frequently asked questions below to help you decide if a barn door is the perfect solution for your kitchen.

What are the barn doors made of?

Our barn doors are crafted from 100% solid pine wood, known for its natural beauty, durability, and warm character.

Are the barn doors treated or finished?

We offer both unfinished and finished barn doors. Unfinished doors allow you to customize them with your preferred stain, paint, or sealant to match your shed's style and protect the wood. Finished doors come pre-treated with a clear coat or stain, providing a beautiful base and saving you time and effort.

Do the barn doors come with hardware?

The barn doors themselves do not include hardware. However, we offer a variety of barn door hardware kits separately, so you can choose the style and finish that best suits your needs and preferences.

What type of hardware do I need for my barn door?

For your barn door, you'll need a sliding track kit, which typically includes a track, rollers, hangers, and all necessary mounting hardware. We have several options available to choose from.

Are the barn doors easy to install?

Yes, our barn doors are designed for relatively easy installation. With the right tools and basic DIY skills, you can typically install a barn door in a few hours. We also provide detailed instructions with each door and hardware kit.

How do I protect my barn door from the weather?

For outdoor use, protect your pine barn door with a high-quality exterior paint or stain, similar applies to hardware. Choose products that offer UV and weather protection, and reapply as needed to maintain the finish.