Barn Door Hangers

Enhance your doors with our premium barn door hangers. Stylish and durable, our selection complements any decor. Find the perfect hardware to effortlessly elevate your space. Explore below for the ideal solution to add character and practicality to your home.

Questions About Barn Door Hanger

In search of a barn door hanger? Excellent choice! Whether you prefer a modern or classic style, a barn door hanger adds the perfect finishing touch to your sliding door setup. Elevate your space with both style and functionality. Secure your barn door hanger today and explore our FAQs below for a smooth and informed journey.

What are barn door hangers, and what is their purpose?

Barn door hangers are hardware components that allow doors to slide along a track. They serve as a crucial part of the sliding door system, providing stability and smooth movement.

How do I choose the right hangers for my doors?

Consider factors such as door weight, style, and track design when selecting the hangers.

Are there specific maintenance requirements for the hangers?

Maintain the door hangers by regularly cleaning them with a mild cleaner and inspecting for any signs of wear. Follow the product care instructions for proper maintenance.

What is included in this Sliding Barn Door Hanger Set?

The set includes two hangers with 3" wheels, four lag bolts for mounting to your door, and all the necessary hardware to mount your track. Please note that the track is not included.

Can I use this set to add extra hangers to any barn door kit?

Yes, this listing is specifically designed for adding a second, third, or even fourth set of hangers to any barn door kit. The additional hangers will match the ones in the main kit you order.