Barn Door Stopper

Our barn door stops are durable and stylish solutions to prevent your barn doors from swinging shut. Compatible with most barn door designs, it's easy to install and use. Buy now for peace of mind that your barn doors will always stay in place!

Questions About Our Barn Door Stops

Have questions about this kit? Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information.

What is a barn door stopper?

A stopper is a device designed to prevent a sliding barn door from rolling too far along the track, ensuring it stops at the desired position. It helps protect the door and surrounding areas from damage.

Why do I need a stopper?

It is essential to prevent the sliding barn door from overextending and potentially causing damage to walls, furniture, or other elements in its path. It also adds an extra layer of safety by ensuring the door stays securely in place.

How does a stopper work?

Typically, stoppers are installed on the track or the wall, and they feature a mechanism that engages with the sliding door when it reaches the desired stopping point. This mechanism can vary, with options such as floor-mounted stops, wall-mounted stops, or soft-closing systems.

Can I install this kit myself?

Yes, our stoppers are designed for easy installation, and homeowners with basic DIY skills can often install them without professional help.

Do these make noise when the door stops?

The noise level of a stopper can vary. To minimize sound, try installing our soft-closing mechanisms, which can also function as a stopper.