Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Explore our collection of high-quality sliding barn door hardware kits, perfect for upgrading the look of your interior or exterior space. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes, and enjoy easy installation with durable materials. Shop now and take your design to the next level.

Questions About Barn Door Hardware Kits

Here are some FAQs about our hardware kits that can help you make an informed purchase decision.

What is included in a typical barn door hardware kit?

Our barn door kits usually come with a selection of track lengths and have rollers that enable smooth sliding. Additionally, there are roller bolts for attaching the door, standoffs, lag bolts for secure wall mounting, anti-jump mechanisms, a door guide and door stops for sliding range control included in the kit. Assembly instructions are also provided to assist with the assembly process.

What size of kit do I need for my door?

Before choosing a kit for your door, measure its width and select one with a slightly longer track length. Standard options are available for doors of various sizes. Keep in mind, if purchasing a Single Track Bypass kit, your total door width will need to be approx. 6’’ wider than your opening to make up for the lost space where the rollers will eventually meet one another on the track. THIS IS ONLY PERTAINING TO SINGLE TRACK BYPASS KITS.

Can barn door hardware be used for both interior and exterior doors?

While the hardware can be used outside, the bolts that come with the kit are not exterior grade. If you are using the kit outdoors, please change out all the bolts for exterior grade bolts. If the doors you are using are very heavy, also think about swapping the provided bolts for Grade 8 bolts instead. And to be on the safe side, please also coat the hardware in an anti-rust sealant.

Do these kits require professional installation?

Professional installation is recommended for optimal alignment and function, though DIYers can use the instructions we provide for the best results.

What weight capacity do these kits typically support?

Kits vary, but standard ones can handle doors weighing up to 200-300 pounds. Consider heavier-duty options for larger or heavier doors. As always, a header is recommended for added track support.

Are these hardware kits compatible with all door materials?

Kits can be used with various door materials, including wood and composite.