34-inch Barn Doors

Transform smaller openings into statement features with our beautiful 34-inch barn doors.  Unleash your creativity with bold colors, unique finishes like distressed wood or weathered barnboard, or even a touch of frosted glass for a touch of privacy.

Questions About 34-inch Barn Doors

Get answers to help you choose the ideal barn door for your space.

What are my color and finish choices for a 34-inch barn door?

Explore a wide spectrum of colors and finishes to suit your taste: Tinsmith Gray, Royal Pine, Barn Red, Red Mahogany, Classic Gray, Ebony, Early American, Dark Walnut, Navy...and the selection keeps growing!

What kind of wood is used for your barn doors?

We select premium-grade pine and mahogany woods for our 34-inch barn doors, ensuring lasting strength and visual appeal.

Will I need to assemble the barn door myself?

Yes, our barn doors ship unassembled for easy transport. You'll find clear instructions, pre-drilled holes, and all necessary hardware included.

How do you package the barn doors for shipping?

We take great care to double-wrap your 34-inch barn door to guarantee it arrives in pristine condition. You'll receive a tracking number to follow its journey. Need it fast? Ask about expedited shipping options!

Do you offer matching hardware for the barn doors?

Absolutely! Browse our hardware collection to find the perfect style and finish to complement your 34-inch barn door.

Can you install the barn door for me?

While we don't provide direct installation, we include detailed instructions with every order. If you'd prefer a professional, we can help you connect with a trusted local contractor.

Are 34-inch barn doors suitable for bedrooms or wider closets?

Definitely! 34-inch barn doors bring both style and space-saving benefits to bedrooms, wider closets, and other areas where a traditional door might feel cramped.

Can I use 34-inch barn doors for doorways?

Of course! 34-inch barn doors are a fantastic choice for standard-width doorways, lending a touch of unique personality while maximizing space.