26-inch Barn Doors

Find the perfect barn door for smaller spaces with our 26-inch selection. Choose from classic or contemporary designs in various finishes.

Questions About 26-inch Barn Doors

Get the information you need to find the perfect barn door for your space.

What materials do you use for your barn doors?

We primarily craft our barn doors using 100% natural, sturdy pine wood. Its timeless beauty and inherent strength make it a classic choice. We also offer select styles in [other material] for specific needs.

Do I need a professional to install a barn door?

Our barn doors come with clear instructions and pre-drilled holes, making them suitable for DIY projects. However, if you prefer, we're happy to help you find a qualified local contractor for installation.

How do I measure for the correct size hardware?

For the perfect fit, the length of your barn door hardware track should be at least twice the width of your door. We offer a variety of hardware options to suit various barn door sizes.

Do you offer custom sizes for barn doors?

While we don't offer custom sizing at this time, our barn doors can often be trimmed slightly to accommodate minor size adjustments. Please contact us for guidance if needed.

What are ideal uses for a 26-inch barn door?

Our 26-inch barn doors are incredibly versatile! Here's where they shine:

  • Standard-sized doorways
  • Half-baths and smaller bathrooms
  • Bedroom closets
  • Wider kitchen cabinets and pantries
  • Accent walls and room dividers