Arrow Pattern Barn Doors

Our Arrow Pattern Barn Door is a stylish and functional addition to any home. The unique arrow pattern design adds a touch of rustic charm and is perfect for creating a cozy bedroom retreat or adding a statement piece to your living room.

Questions About Our Arrow Pattern Barn Doors

Here are some common questions about Arrow Barn Doors that may help you in your decision-making process.

What materials are Arrow Pattern Barn Doors typically made of?

Our Arrow Pattern Barn Doors are made of high-quality pine wood that is known for its sturdiness, durability, and beautiful grain patterns. Pine wood is an excellent choice for barn doors as it's lightweight, easy to work with, and has a natural resistance to insects and decay. Additionally, our skilled craftsmen take great care in selecting and preparing the wood to ensure that our barn doors are of the highest quality and will last for years to come.

What color options are available for the barn doors?

The barn doors come in a rich selection of finish colors to suit various interior design preferences and styles. Choose from classic tones like Tinsmith Gray, Royal Pine, and Barn Red for a traditional aesthetic, or opt for deeper hues such as Red Mahogany, Dark Walnut, and Ebony for a more sophisticated look. If you prefer lighter shades, options like Classic Gray and Early American offer a timeless appeal. For a bold statement, consider the Navy finish, adding a touch of contemporary flair to your space. With these diverse color options, you can easily find the perfect barn door to complement your décor and enhance the ambiance of any room.

Do you offer finish and unfinished options?

Yes, we offer both finished and unfinished options for our barn doors to accommodate different preferences and customization needs.

What is the width of these doors?

Our barn doors are available in various widths, ranging from 20’’ to 60’’, ensuring that you can select the door width that best fits your space and design preferences.

What is the shipping process for the Barn Doors?

Our barn doors are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit, with double-wrapped packaging for added protection. Once ordered, we promptly process your shipment and provide a tracking number for easy monitoring. We use reliable shipping carriers for delivery. Upon arrival, inspect the package for any damage before acceptance. We aim for a smooth and secure shipping experience to ensure your barn door arrives safely and enhances your space.

Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the finish of the barn doors?

To preserve the finish of your barn doors, follow these care instructions. Regularly dust the surface with a soft cloth or feather duster to prevent buildup. Avoid harsh chemicals, opting for mild soap and water instead. Shield the door from excess moisture, wiping away spills promptly. Apply furniture wax periodically to maintain luster and protect against wear. Handle with care to prevent scratching or denting. Adhering to these guidelines ensures your barn doors stay beautiful and durable for years.

Do you offer installation services for the Barn Doors?

We understand that installation of our barn doors might require professional assistance, which is why we are happy to provide you with recommendations for reliable installers in your area. If you prefer to take the DIY approach, our assembly instructions are designed to make the installation process simple and straightforward.

Does the Arrow Pattern Barn Door come with a sliding barn door kit included?

our Arrow Pattern Barn Door does not come with the sliding barn door kit and needs to be purchased separately. You can find a wide selection of barn door hardware in our hardware section, and if you purchase the door and hardware together, you can enjoy a 20% discount.