44-inch Barn Doors

Explore our curated selection of 44-inch barn doors. Find the ideal fit for your home with a range of styles and finishes to elevate your décor.

Questions About 44-inch Barn Doors

Get the information you need to find the perfect barn door for your space.

What materials do you use for your barn doors?

Our 44-inch barn doors are expertly crafted from a variety of materials. Discover the warmth of natural wood, the sleekness of modern finishes, and the durability of engineered composites.

Do I need a professional to install a barn door?

Installation is surprisingly simple! Our barn doors include comprehensive instructions and the necessary hardware, perfect for DIY enthusiasts. If you'd like additional support, we can connect you with a trusted professional in your area.

How do I measure for the correct size of hardware?

Ensure a seamless installation by choosing a barn door hardware track that's at least double the width of your 44-inch door. We carry hardware options to accommodate your chosen barn door flawlessly.

Do you offer custom sizes for barn doors?

While full customization isn't currently available, many of our 44-inch barn doors can be carefully adjusted. Feel free to reach out to us for specific advice on your project.

What are the ideal uses for a 44-inch barn door?

The possibilities are endless! 44-inch barn doors excel in:

  • Larger doorways
  • Master bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms
  • Walk-in closets
  • Open-concept room dividers
  • Creative feature walls

Can I add a lock to my barn door?

Yes! You can incorporate locks in our barn door. We offer a selection of stylish and secure locking hardware options.

Are barn doors soundproof?

While barn doors offer some privacy, they don't provide complete soundproofing. If sound reduction is a priority, consider adding weatherstripping or sound-dampening materials. We have written a detailed article on soundproofing barn doors feel free to check those.

Do barn doors come with a soft-close mechanism?

We don't have a built-in soft closer mechanism, but you have the option to purchase one separately if you'd like.