Sliding Barn Door Room Dividers

Sliding barn door room dividers offer a stylish and functional solution for redefining your living space. Create flexible layouts, separate rooms without sacrificing natural light, and add a touch of modern or rustic charm to your home.

Questions About Barn Door Room Dividers

Not sure if a barn door room divider is right for you? These unique dividers go beyond style! They offer space-saving benefits, increased privacy, and the flexibility to change the flow of your room instantly. Browse our FAQs below to learn more.

What types of hardware styles are available?

We offer a wide variety of hardware options to suit your style and space requirements.

This includes classic roller systems, modern roller systems, double door bypass hardware for wider openings, bifold hardware for space-saving folding panels, and ceiling mount hardware for maximizing wall space.

Do barn door room dividers provide a tight seal?

Typically no. Since they don't fully latch into a frame, there's always a bit of a gap. This is fine for light and noise control, but not strong privacy.

How do I keep barn doors from swinging or swaying?

You can buy a bottom floor guide to keep the barn doors from swinging. This discreet piece of hardware keeps the door moving along its intended track and prevents excess swinging.

Are barn door room dividers safe for homes with children or pets?

Generally, yes! Choose a well-constructed barn door with smooth rollers to minimize the risk of pinched fingers. As with any piece of furniture, it's wise to supervise very small children and pets who may try to push the door forcefully.

Do the rollers or track need any special maintenance?

Periodically check that the rollers are moving smoothly and the track is free of debris. A light spray lubricant (like WD-40) can be used on the rollers if needed.