54-inch Barn Doors

Enhance doorways with our curated selection of 54-inch barn doors. Explore a variety of styles to complement your décor, all built to last.

Questions About 54-inch Barn Doors

Find answers to common questions and choose the perfect door for your project.

What colors and finishes can I choose from?

Explore our wide selection of colors and finishes for your 54-inch barn door. From rustic farmhouse to sleek modern, we have options to match your dream design.

What materials are your barn doors made from?

We use only high-quality pine and mahogany for our 54-inch barn doors, ensuring lasting beauty and durability.

Are your barn doors easy to install?

Yes! Our barn doors come with clear instructions and all the hardware needed for a smooth installation process.

How do you ensure safe shipping?

We carefully package each 54-inch door for maximum protection during transit. Plus, you'll get a tracking number to monitor your order. In a hurry? Ask about expedited shipping!

Do you offer matching hardware?

Absolutely! Browse our selection of barn door hardware to create a perfectly coordinated look for your door.

Need installation help?

While we don't provide direct installation, we include detailed instructions with your order. For professional assistance, we're happy to help you find a qualified contractor in your area.

Where can I use a 54-inch barn door?

54-inch barn doors are incredibly versatile! Use them for bedrooms, closets, pantries, home offices, and any standard-width doorway where you want to save space and add style.

Can I divide a room with a 54-inch barn door?

Yes! For room dividers, consider a double-door setup with two 54-inch doors on a wider track, offering flexibility and a statement-making design feature.