36-Inch Barn Doors

Barn doors have become a popular design feature in homes, especially for those who want to add a rustic or farmhouse style to their decor. These 36-inch barn doors are a great option for larger doorways and can be customized to fit any design aesthetic. Below are some products that may be helpful in your search for the perfect barn door.

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Questions About Our 36 Inch Barn Doors

Here are some common questions about barn doors that may help you in your decision-making process.

What finish options are available for the 36-inch barn doors?

Our 36-inch barn doors come in a variety of finish options, including Tinsmith Gray, Royal Pine, Barn Red, Red Mahogany, Classic Gray, Ebony, Early American, Dark Walnut, and Navy, among others. These finishes provide versatility to match various interior design styles and preferences.

What materials are used to construct these barn doors?

Our barn doors are made of high-quality pine wood, harvested from professionally managed forests, ensuring both durability and an aesthetic appeal that will last for years.

Are assembly instructions provided for the barn doors?

Assembly instructions are included with our barn doors, which arrive unassembled but with pre-drilled holes and all necessary components for easy assembly.

What is the shipping process for the 36-inch barn doors?

Our 36-inch barn doors are packaged with utmost care to ensure they remain safe during transit. We use double-wrapped packaging to offer extra protection. Once you have placed your order, we will promptly process it and provide a tracking number for convenient tracking. Our delivery is carried out by reliable shipping carriers. If you require expedited shipping, we also offer this option for an additional fee.

Do you offer installation services for the barn doors?

We don't provide installation services ourselves, but we do offer detailed assembly instructions with our barn doors to help you with the installation process. Besides, we have additional resources available, such as instructional videos or guides, to provide further assistance during the installation process.