10 Great Ways to Creatively Use Barn Door Hardware (Bypass or Bi-Parting)

May 25th 2023


Because barn door hardware can be installed on any flat surface, it can be used to solve a variety of design - and life - challenges.

  • Barn Door Night Stand

    Have guests coming over? Hide that unsightly stack of books you’ve yet to read behind a barn door incorporated into your night stand.

  • Medicine Cabinet

    Forget medicine cabinet doors that swing out over the sink. Add barn door hardware to your vanity mirrors for a sleek look.

  • Room Divider

    Barn door hardware can separate a small master bed and bath without needing the extra room for a swinging door.

  • Doggie Door

    Give doggie a stylish entry of his own with barn door hardware, you can get rid of that grungy plastic flap.

  • Child’s Play

    Barn door hardware can be used for kids’ projects, too - from playhouses to puppet theaters to loft beds and more.

  • Secret Passage

    Who doesn’t want a secret passage in their home? Use barn door hardware to hide a door behind an entire set of rolling bookshelves.

  • Vertical Garden

    Talk about maximizing your growing space. How about a vertical garden that can be moved with the sun?

  • Movable Wall Art

    Put your art on wheels and roll it around. Barn door hardware can relocate a large image just as well as a barn door itself.

  • Baby Gate

    Skip the ugly pressure gate, and use barn door hardware to install a gate that keeps baby in.

  • Rolling Ladder

    Need to reach the top shelf? A ladder and barn door hardware is what you need.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to use barn door hardware creatively in your home. Whether need to divide a space, hide a space, reach a space, or decorate a space, barn door hardwood can be utilized almost anywhere