​Are Barn Doors Out of Style? (Let’s Be Honest)

Posted by The Barn Door Hardware Store on Feb 16th 2024

You may have spotted trendy, functional barn doors around recently and are now tempted to snag one for your own home or space.

However, are these doors really still “in”?

It can be hard to gauge what’s still in style in the world of home building and interior design.

There’s just so much content out there, and everyone’s keen to voice their opinion!

While what you put in your home is up to you at the end of the day, if you’re interested in the unbiased, latest updates when it comes to barn doors: you’re in the right place!

Stick around to learn all about the trends surrounding barn doors, including:

  • The rise of barn door aesthetic
  • The truth behind barn doors being "out of style"
  • Reasons why barn doors endure.

Let’s jump right in!


The Rise of Barn Doors

Barn doors aren’t a new invention by any means.

As the name suggests, barn doors were first used on farms where they were convenient for separating different areas of a storage barn or sorting livestock.

However, due in equal parts to their practicality and aesthetic appeal, barn doors didn’t stay confined in rural settings for long!

They have grown in popularity throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and really started trending in the early 2010s due to the availability of hardware and the meteoric rise of interior design influencers.

But why are these doors so popular? Well, it can be broken down into a few basic advantages:

Aesthetic appeal and rustic charm

In short: these doors just look good!

They make any room appear welcoming, homey, and full of love. Many traditional wooden barn doors add a rustic, old-fashioned feel to your home.

However, as the style has evolved, there are now barn doors available to match almost any aesthetic (including sleek and modern).

Space-saving benefits

Barn doors are also amazing at maximizing the space you have!

They’re a great option for small spaces like bathrooms and closets, where a traditional swinging door may cut into the little available space.

Even in larger spaces, barn doors allow for furniture and decor to be placed closer to the door frame as they slide smoothly close to the wall.

Versatility in various design styles

As mentioned above, a major reason for barn doors' lasting popularity is their extreme versatility.

There are so many different styles out there, from classic wooden barn doors and elegant frosted glass to eye-catching brightly colored doors.

There really is something for everyone!

Functional uses in modern homes

Barn doors are also really useful in modern homes which are often built with open floor plans.

These doors allow you to provide an optional divider in your spaces without completely closing them off or needing to install a traditional door.

They’re an amazing choice for spaces like home offices, where you may require a little privacy and noise reduction but don’t want to feel cut off from the family.

They’re also particularly suitable for typically unappealing but frequently accessed spaces like pantries and laundry rooms.


Finally, barn doors are so easy to come by these days!

There are reliable, trusted manufacturers out there offering beautiful barn doors at competitive prices.

These doors often come with everything you need and are relatively easy to install yourself.

There are also so many different sizes and styles available that where not to put a barn door might end up being the trickier question!

What’s the Noise of Barn Doors Being "Out of Style"?

If barn doors are so great, then why have you heard they’re out of style?

Like everything else on the internet, people love to voice their opinions about barn doors.

While there are quite a few detractors out there who just personally dislike this door style (or simply want to stir the pot), there are a few legitimate reasons why barn doors may be seen as “out of style”:

Overexposure and Saturation

There can be too much of a good thing. As barn doors rose to popularity and online obsession, many may just be tired of seeing them and hearing about them!

Additionally, some designers and influencers jumped onto the trend without doing enough research and ended up with the wrong barn door for their space.

This means that the doors look bad or don’t work the way they’re intended to.

There are also some unreliable brands out there selling barn doors that are not up to standard – so remember to always do your research and shop with a reliable manufacturer!

Association with Specific Styles

Unfortunately for some, barn doors have had a hard time shaking the name.

Many people associate barn doors with a rustic, country style, and assume if that’s not their style – then barn doors aren’t for them either!

While there are certainly plenty of barn doors that lean into this aesthetic, the name barn door now really refers to any style of sliding door. It’s definitely possible to adapt a barn door to fit any space and vibe!

Alternatives on the Rise

The massive popularity of barn doors revealed a desire in the market for space dividers.

As such, many alternatives to barn doors are gaining popularity in their own right such as french doors, pocket doors, and curtains.

However, despite the diversity in the sector, barn doors remain a solid favorite.

Reasons Why Barn Doors Endure

In the face of oversaturation, criticism, and competition, barn doors have stayed a strong, popular door that is still on the rise.

There is something about barn doors that ensures they are going to be here for the long run. It’s hard to say exactly what, but here are our top guesses:

Adaptability and Customization

Barn doors are versatile enough to weather ever-changing interior design trends!

Even the most basic wooden barn door is sufficiently neutral to work in a wide range of spaces and withstand endless redecorating.

Additionally, many barn doors can be painted or covered for those doing an aesthetic overhaul.

However, that’s rarely necessary, since today barn doors come in so many different styles and are able to be customized in pretty much every aspect. This means that the ideal barn door exists for every kind of space!

Timeless Functionality

The space-saving nature of barn doors just cannot be beat – and that’s not to mention all of the other practical, functional benefits of barn doors as well!

They seamlessly divide a space, allow light and airflow when you want it, prevent slamming and finger-pinching for homes with children (or clumsy adults), allow you to choose how open you want the door to be without encroaching on your space, and so much more.

Evolving Styles and Materials

Barn door manufacturers are tirelessly working to come out with new and exciting styles.

You can already get barn doors made of glass, metal, or engineered materials, barn doors with practical features like storage, hooks, or chalkboards, and sizes ranging from mini to massive.

Who knows what the future holds, but there is sure to be a barn door to meet it head-on!

The Aesthetic Appeal is Undeniable

At the end of the day, barn doors are also just extremely charming.

They add interest and appeal to any space, whether it’s with rustic, knotted wood, gruff, industrial hardware, a bright pop of accent color, or a sleek, modern gleam.

You’re sure to love your barn door and leave your guests doing research of their own when they leave your home.


So, are barn doors out of style?

Never! While an overly eager obsession with these doors in the media may have stirred up some naysayers, barn doors persist and see no signs of fading.

They’re inherently charming, highly practical, and versatile enough to work in any home – including yours!

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look and find the trendy and stylish barn door that’s perfect for you!