15+ Inspiring Interior Barn Door Ideas for Your Home

Posted by The Barn Door Hardware Store on Dec 29th 2023

Looking to enhance your home? Barn doors are amazing for dividing up a space and gaining a little more privacy, as well as being a pleasing and unique interior design touch!

There are so many different options for barn doors to install in your home!

Whether you adore the original rustic country feel, are looking for something more modern,or fall somewhere in between, the perfect door for you is out there.

We know that along with stylistic concerns, everyone has different needs when it comes to your existing space. That’s why we’ve compiled a diverse list of barn door ideas for you, including variations in:

  • Materials
  • Paints
  • Colors
  • Accents
  • Patterns
  • And more!

Let’s get started!

Interior Barn Door Ideas

When selecting the right barn door, it’s important to consider your space and needs as well as the existing aesthetics of your home.

You should also think about how much time and effort you have spare for a project.

can you adapt your room to fit the perfect door, or do you need something that will fit seamlessly in with the decor and paint color that is already there?

There are many different types of barn doors, so there’s bound to be one that catches your eye. Here are our top picks!

1. Rustic Wood Barn Door

Of course, a classic rustic wood barn door has to be at the top of the list. This is probably the door you picture when you hear “barn door”!

They have a warm, country, homey feel, and are often made from reclaimed timber, giving each door (or set of doors) a unique pattern.

This door is the one for you if your home has a rustic, vintage aesthetic. However, they’re also neutral enough to work well in many different spaces.

As these simple barn doors are often unfinished, you have wiggle room to DIY your door at a later date if you ever feel like mixing it up. Plus, this makes them often cheaper than other types of barn doors!

2. Sliding Glass Barn Door

Sliding glass barn doors are quickly gaining popularity!

They’re a middle ground between retaining a fully open floor plan and having an opaque door cutting your space in two. These doors range in color options for the metal framing, as well as the type of panes.

This door is the right one for you if you really value keeping your space open, airy, and light.

They work well with both old school and modern design aesthetics depending on how they’re styled and the framing.

If you’re considering getting a glass barn door, make sure to take your privacy needs into account.

If you’d like the light to come in but want a little distancing, frosted or distorted glass panes are often available. However, if you want full separation, this might not be the barn door for you.

3. Chalkboard Barn Door

Want a perfect mix of fun and function?

With a chalkboard barn door, you’ll have the perfect place for writing reminders and grocery lists, inspirational quotes, love notes, and even art!

These barn doors have a framed chalkboard surface, which easily wipes clean and is an appealing, simplistic matte black in color when not decorated.

If you want your home to have a fun, slightly retro, DIY feel, this type of barn door is a great option! It’s ideal for homes with children, creative types, and even if you’re busy or forgetful.

You have to keep a few practicalities in mind if this is the barn door you go for.

Primarily, you’ll need a convenient place to store your chalks and erasers – ideally either on the door itself, on the wall, or on a table next to it.

Otherwise, you won’t realistically get the most use out of it! Additionally, you need to keep in mind the type of flooring that is beneath your door. Expensive or difficult-to-clean carpets plus chalk dust is a recipe for disaster.

5. Mirrored Barn Door

Have you been doing some reflecting? You might have decided a mirrored barn door is the right one for you!

These barn doors have a full length mirror surrounded by framing. They’re practical for last minute outfit checks and selfies, as well as making the room they’re in seem more spacious and brighter.

There are many different styles of mirror frame available on these doors, meaning they can fit well with almost every aesthetic.

However, you will need to consider the window layout of your room and the temperature of your area; direct reflected light can get quite hot, get in your eyes, and generally be distracting.

You also want to take privacy into account when looking at placing your mirrored barn door. After all, you don’t want a sneak peek into the restroom right in your living space!

6. Painted Barn Door

If you don’t want your barn door to be as much of a statement piece, it’s easy to get one that matches your other doors!

That way, you get a subtle and unique feature of a sliding barn door without having to alter your aesthetic to match.

A matching (to wall color or other doors in your home) barn door is ideal if you have a simple, clean aesthetic, or if you’re renovating a place to rent or sell and don’t know potential buyers tastes. It’s also a simple, cheap, and versatile option.

On the other hand, who says that you have to buy a painted barn door that matches?

You can get one in a range of colors (and even patterns) to create an accent feature – or even just to make the door stand out more!

7. Barn Door with Metal Accents

If you want to add a subtle ruggedness to your barn door, consider getting one with metal accents.

These can range from decorative paneling to practical handles and rails, plus everything in between!

These barn doors are amazing for a rustic, or even simplistic look. The metal adds a little extra detail to a simple wooden barn door, which really draws the eye.

They go really great as a divider between kitchen and living room, or as a door to the study or other workspace.

8. Barn Door with Industrial Hardware

If you’re wanting to take it even further with the rugged, industrial look, consider getting a barn door with industrial hardware.

This usually consists of a spoked, dark metal wheel or a large roller and hanger, though you can get reinforcements, railings, and other pieces of hardware as well!

These doors make an excellent statement piece, especially in larger doors and in spacious, high ceilinged rooms.

They bring a masculine, studio/workshop/brewery vibe to any entryway, bedroom, or living space. Make sure to take careful measurements to ensure you account for the additional height of the hanger!

9. Barn Door with Translucent Panels

If you’re looking for a barn door that is midway between painted and glass, barn doors with translucent panels are a great choice!

They range in style from looking like a large classic window to being more sleek and modern.

These doors are an amazing option for keeping your living space bright and connected, while still allowing yourself a modicum of privacy.

It’s also a super versatile door style! You can match the paneling color to your interiors, and choose from warm, cool, or tinted glass to match accordingly.

This barn door works especially well for separating an office or workspace from the main living areas, as you reduce noise and distractions without feeling cut off completely from the rest of the house.

10. Double Barn Doors with X-Brace

The X-brace on barn doors originally had the purpose of reinforcement.

It makes the doors stronger in the corners, preventing sagging as well as making the doors much more difficult to force open. These days however, the x-brace is primarily a cosmetic feature.

The title “Double Barn Doors with X-Brace” can be slightly misleading, as it refers to two (equally loved) styles of barn doors!

The first is still a single sliding door, with a dividing beam halfway up and “x” shaped reinforcements on each half, while the second is a set of two doors, each with one “x” shaped brace across the entire door.

It’s up to you which of these two styles is preferable! Obviously, the double doors are more practical if you have a larger doorway to cover (or even a full wall).

However, the single door is a great option if you love the style of the x-brace but only have a standard door frame.

11. White Shiplap Barn Door

Shiplap generally refers to overlapping paneled boards. It’s an amazing style of woodworking for barn doors, as it’s simple, clean looking, and appealing.

White shiplap particularly makes your rooms look larger, lighter, and more welcoming. These barn doors are a great choice for a laidback, beachy interior style.

The overlapping panels are also super easy to clean and require very little maintenance, making them a great choice for exterior or weatherproofed doors (as well as for houses with pets and/or kids!).

12. Barn Door with Wrought Iron Hardware

Wrought iron barn doors use the elegant, filigree framing to bring a classic sophistication and warmth to your doors.

They’re sturdy, versatile, and bring a rustic or even art deco vibe to your home, depending on your other design elements of course.

These doors are perfect for a cozy, welcoming entryway or living area, as well as a homey kitchen.

If you have white or light colored walls, the warm finish and contrast of these doors makes them a cohesive (but still eye-catching) addition!

13. Distressed Barn Door

If you really love a rustic, well-loved look you should consider getting distressed barn doors!

This means that the paint or stain is worn looking, (often artificially) – which gives them a comfortable, mellow atmosphere.

Distressed barn doors are amazing for sheds, playrooms, work rooms, or anywhere in the house that you would like to feel cozy and easygoing.

14. Chevron Pattern Barn Door

If you prefer a bolder statement piece in your home, think about getting a chevron pattern barn door!

These eye-catching, alluring doors feature a stack arrowhead or triangle pattern of paneling.

The Chevron pattern is ideal for directing the eye. If you want people to feel gravitate towards a room in your home, having a chevron patterned door at the entranceway is a definite step in the right direction.

Many chevron patterned barn doors keep things fairly subtle, with a solid colored door, making the pattern only slightly distinguishable from the gaps in the paneling and changes in the wood grain.

However, if you have a flair for the dramatic, there’s nothing stopping you from a high contrast chevron pattern of different colored beams! Try multicolored complementary pieces, or even black and white.

15. Barn Door with Barnwood Frame

If you’re after maximum authenticity, you can’t do better than a barn door with a barnwood frame.

These doors are made from repurposed wood from actual barns. Sometimes even the entire door and its hardware are reclaimed!

These doors are amazing for larger spaces, as they’re often double barn doors.

As they’re quite the statement, they work especially well as part of a cohesive rustic or Western aesthetic.

Complete your porch, saloon style bar area, or relaxing reading room with a barnwood framed barn door.

16. Modern Minimalist Barn Door

Finally, there’s no rule saying you have to have a rustic interior to feature a barn door. These days, many barn doors are sleek, modern, and discreet!

You don’t have to compromise your minimalist interior design to get the convenience and utility of a barn door.

These simple sliding doors can be curated to blend in with your wall color or door color, have utilitarian hardware and handles, and are an excellent inclusion to any modern home.