What Holds the Bottom of an Interior Barn Door?!

Feb 12th 2023

Are you annoyed by the swinging of your barn door? Have you ever worried about the low safety factor of your indoor barn door? 

Now, you will find a great solution for your swaying barn door problems thanks to this article!

The Barn Door Hardware Store’s unique floor guide offerings eliminate any unsafe sway from the bottom of your doors, and ensure they slide freely and easily on their top mounted track!

  • Our floor guide has been checked over time and has become one of our customers favorite products.
  • If you don't want to ruin your beautiful floor, you can choose our floor guide.
  • You can match it to the double/single door to make sure it runs smoothly and to ensure its beauty.
  • This barn door floor guide is made of superior solid steel and high quality nylon, making sure the barn door floor guide is the most stable, ensuring long-lasting use while sliding smoothly and quietly without any noise.
  • Our bottom design allows the barn door floor guide the greatest amount of stability when working. Moreover, the bottom groove design will not let the screws scratch your floor!

Best of all, this Wall Mount Barn Door Floor Guide is easy as can be to install!

Easy Installation:

Step 1. Measure the thickness of the door;

Step 2. Adjust the floor guide to the corresponding width according to the width of the door;

Step 3. Fix the floor guide on that width;

Step 4. Find the position on the wall where you install the floor guide and mark the position of the screw with a pencil;

Step 5. perforation hole with electric drill, put the plastic screws in the wall;

Step 6. Install the floor guide and lock the screws.