What Size Barn Door for 36 Inch Opening?

Posted by The Barn Door Hardware Store on May 24th 2024

Of all the design trends we have seen over the last few years, the popularization of the internal barn door is one of our favorites.

Whether you are looking for a sleek, rustic, or classic look for your renovation, a sliding barn door is a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any room.

However, it can be difficult to figure out what size barn door you need. If you have a 36-inch opening, you may be wondering whether one of the standard barn door sizes is right for you, or if you need to commission a custom one.

To help you out, we have put together this handy guide containing all the information you need to select the right barn door size for your 39-inch opening. We will cover

  • Standard barn door sizes
  • Custom barn door sizes
  • Factors to consider when selecting a barn door

Let’s get into it!

Standard Barn Door Sizes

While barn doors come in all shapes and sizes, there are several sizes that are considered to be industry standard and can be found in most retailers and stores.

The standard sizes usually cater for openings of two different widths: 36” and 42”. From there, there are a range of heights paired with these widths to create the standard sizes.

They are as follows;

  • 36" x 80"
  • 36" x 84"
  • 36" x 96"
  • 42" x 80"
  • 42" x 84"
  • 42" x 96"

If you have a 36-inch opening, then one of the first three sizes in the above list might be the right fit for your doorway.

The one you pick will depend on the height of your doorway, which can be easily figured out with some quick measurements.

The benefit of these standard sizes is that they make planning your doorways extremely easy, as you know the exact measurements of the door you will be installing and can plan around it accordingly.

Additionally, it is much easier to source a standard-sized door, as they are typically mass-produced and can be found in your local homeware or hardware store.

However, they present a large issue in the fact that they are not flexible. Not all doorways are compatible with the standard sizing, leaving many renovators and builders struggling to source the right fit.

This makes planning from a design and practical point of view very difficult, as those with unique doorway sizes cannot easily source a barn door to plan the rest of their room around.

Furthermore, if you choose to go with a standard-sized door, then you are stuck with only the design options that are available at your local store.

You do not get any design input with a standard-sized door, which can be difficult if you are someone who is particular about the design elements of their house.

Custom Barn Door Sizes

An alternative to purchasing a standard barn door is commissioning a custom one.

This simply means contracting with a local store or craftsman, and asking for a barn door to be made based on your specific requirements.

custom barn door can be any size, shape, color, and finish that you want - buyers typically have total control and can design their dream door.

The pros of a custom door include the fact that renovators can create a door that exactly fits their vision, rather than settling for one of the premade standard ones in the store.

It is also a great option for those whose openings fall outside of the standard sizing categories, as a custom door can be tailored to your required measurements.

However, custom doors are typically much more costly than the standard ones.

This is because a craftsman has to take extra time and effort to help you design the door, before making it by hand according to the brief. While the overall look of the door may be much more to your liking, it comes at a significantly higher price.

If you have a 36-inch opening, there is a high chance that one of the standard barn door sizes will fit your doorway, which makes it unlikely that you will need a custom one.

However, if you have your heart set on a specific design, or find the standard-sized doors to be visually appealing, then a custom-made barn door might be the right option for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Size

Before choosing your barn door size, there are several factors we recommend you take into account. This will ensure that the door you pick is the perfect fit both practically and aesthetically.

  • The style of the barn door: You should factor in the style of the barn door you want.

    Depending on the desired aesthetic effect, sizing up or down might contribute to the overall look of the door.

    It is a good idea to consider a range of options before committing to one, as you may find that different styles and sizes drastically change how your room looks and feels.
  • Clearance needed for door operation: Barn doors do not operate like normal doors, and need a significant amount of space to be able to slide along their tracks.

    Make sure you factor in enough space around the barn door before committing to a size to ensure you can use the door properly.

    This is a consideration that a lot of people forget, and it can lead to a very difficult situation when it comes time to install the door!
  • The proportion of the door to the opening: The proportion of the door to its opening can vary greatly depending on its size.

    Make sure you consider what proportion is preferable to you and the space you are installing the door in to allow for proper function and maximum design effect.
  • Personal preference: Be sure to take into account your own preferences, after all, it is your renovation project!

    Take time to consider the look and feel of each door in your space and choose one that feels right to you.

    Just because your opening is a certain size does not limit the choices you have of barn doors. Look at your space holistically and select the one that looks the best.